Alien Labs

Alien Labs specializes in breeding their own high-quality cannabis flower that almost seems like it’s out of this world. Although Alien Labs standards are high, their grow is small, as they are committed to giving their plants direct care to cultivate world class cannabis.

Alien Labs’ path is navigated by a founder with a lifetime of experience in cultivation and passion for the medical and recreational cannabis industry.


Alien Labs was born in 2015, founded by Ted Lidie second generation cultivator from Northern California. Lidie began as many have in the medical side of the cannabis industry in 2009, working as a dispensary manager.

He was inspired to embark on creating a brand as he watched the marijuana industry develop. Seeing where it could go was exhilarating and he wanted to be part of it.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis was immeidately apparent to him, especially so at his first job where he met a little girl named Stacy who had cancer in her knee.

While enduring the battle with cancer, medical marijuana made it possible for her be relieved of pain. Between a combination of growing up among cultivators and seeing its stellar medical benefits, Alien Labs is lead by a founder with the experience and compassion the industry needs.


Alien Labs is not a commercial grow: these purveyors of marijuana flowers are dedicated to keeping their craft small. They believe that each cannabis plant should receive direct attention, as opposed to crop-wide care. Alien Labs gets their seeds and genetics from professional, expert breeders all over California. Their focus is on Northern California medical cannabis strains, and Alien Labs is always exploring the far reaches of craft cannabis for their next crop.


Alien Labs crafts the cannabis that takes patients outta this world. Patients love their quality medical marijuana, with a particular favorite being Do-Si-Dos, a lime and mint flavored Indica dominant strain. Other patient favorites include Gelato and Lemon Fuel OG. No matter what you choose from Alien Labs, it’s sure to yield stellar euphoria with every puff.

Area 41

This cross of two classics is poised to take off. Lemon Fuel is ranked among the top versions OG Kush with cannabis enthusiasts all over The Golden State.

This collaboration with Alien Labs brings trophies from all angles, and it’s a safe bet this one might bring home some hardware in the not-too-distant future.


With Kosher Kush and Gelato 41 as its parents, Baklava proudly distinguishes itself with a pure OG gas nose and a creamy gelato style back end.

Banana Milk

Banana Milk is frosted in terpy goodness and oozes strong scents of banana and fruit. Banana OG x Purple Punch F2. 

Galactic Gas

This Alien Labs x Connected strain is one of the loudest we’ve had yet! Galactic Gas’ skunky, fuel aromas fill the room instantly and will definitely linger – discretion begone.

Gelato 41

A power house strain with its parents being Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies


Moonbow (Zkittlez x Dosidos #74) is bred and selected by Archive Seed Bank and cultivated by your favorite Aliens.


Melonade is one of the three strains Alien Labs used to sweep the Sacramento Cannabis Cup in 2018, no small task given the number of high-end growers that headed to the state capital for good deals on the commercial real estate within its borders.

The strain was originally bred in Oakland by Midwest Best before Alien Labs went on to germinate 30 seeds of the Watermelon Zkittlez x Lemon Tree #11 pairing. Anyone with a clue about elite pot would love to get their hands on either of those two parents, but the new watermelon-dominant phenotype of Melonade easily gives both a run for their money, with the way the watermelon flavor cuts through everything else.

Some would no doubt call it better than either half of its lineage, and the trophy case is starting to prove that. Last summer was Alien Labs’ first go-round with Melonade on the competitive circuit; expect it to win plenty more hardware as the event scene opens up in 2019.


Indoor Sherbacio FLower Hybrid 21.43% THC is a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Gelato 41 provides a sweet, heavy aroma that will relax the user with its tasty flavor profile and uplifting effects. Consumers love the Sherbacio for its ability to change sour moments into happier moments, as well as it’s abilities to heal the body.


You know the name, You know the top shelf quality. Alien Labs have done it again. We are proud to introduce Alien Labs Star Dust! This is one of four New & Exclusive strains developed from our friends over at Alien Labs.

This striking offer is a craft batch that limited to only few pounds in the whole state of California! Hurry and pick up an eighth before it’s gone!

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