California’s Best Prerolls

Posted By • Rick Bakas
Tuesday • 07 Apr 2020

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We’ve got a slight obsession with prerolls. To determine California’s best prerolls is a tall order but we were up to the challenge. Luckily, we live in California where there’s a cornucopia of quality cannabis and marijuana delivery services available.

Back in the day they were called joints or J’s. They were often made with shake and/or leftover cannabis also known as ‘ditch weed’. Prerolls are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis flower.

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Today’s pre rolls are rolled nice and tight with grade A or grade B buds from award-winning growers. For example, Sovereign out of Mendocino has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards over the last decade for strains like Phish OG and 2019’s Best Sativa, Mother’s Milk weighing in at 31% THC. And they’re not using shake, A or B buds along with popcorn nugs.

Here’s a list of California’s best prerolls:

Sovereign Milk & Muffins 1g $12 –  Two of our favorite strains from Sovereign were Mother’s Milk (31% THC; 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Best Sativa) and Blueberry Muffins (2019 High Times Cannabis Cup #2 Best Indica). They combined two great tastes together into an instant classic on par with chocolate and peanut butter, or Cagney & Lacey. For $12 this is about as good as it gets.

LitHouse Dark Dosi $12/2-pk Sovereign won the Best Sativa award last year and 2nd place for best Indica, but LitHouse took 3rd place with Dark Dosi. They also had a strong showing with Lava Cake. Dark Dosi is a sexy beast of a strain showing off LitHouse’s excellence in cultivation. Notice the 2 x half gram prerolls in the package instead of a single one gram.

Heshies Medellin Selfies $29 12-pk Heshies was one of the producers who saw the need for single serving prerolls. Their ever-popular ‘selfies’ are a big hit around the bay area. Heshies sources quality flower and focuses on producing prerolls only.

African Queen Terpene Infused 1g $12 Not to brag or anything, but we were the first delivery company in California to carry these. And we can’t keep them on the shelf. African Queen is a strain born from cross-breeding 3 landrace strains from Africa. Durban Poison is one of the strains, the grower won’t tell us the others.  This is the same grower who cultivates Doug’s Varin. As if 1 gram of primo bud wasn’t enough, he went and added some extra terpene goodness for effect and flavor.

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Be sure to check out these amazing marijuana delivery services in the Oakland, CA area. You won’t be sorry after trying out some of these amazing blends. Flowsent marijuana delivery service offers some popular prerolls you have to check out.

Lowell Herb Co. Key Lime Pie 1g $9 – In a word, delicious. Key Lime Pie might not be a strain cannabis enthusiasts seek out, but once you light one up and try it out you’ll see why this preoll is so popular. It’s easy like Sunday morning.

Fig Farms Purple Fig 1g $12 – Fig Farms is another award winning cultivator that knows how to deliver flower people like. In 2018, they took home top prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup for the Indica category with Purple Fig. Like others on this list, they roll theirs with high grade flower, not shake.

Alien Labs Sherbacio $35/5-pk – Alien Labs‘ Sherbacio is a cross between Sunset Sherbert x Gelato 41. If I had to pick a favorite strain from 2019, Sherbacio would be it. Take all the things you love about Gelato 41 and add some bright citrus notes. Available in 5-packs.

Be sure to check out our marijuana delivery service at Flowsent. We serve Oakland, CA and nearby areas. It’s never too late to try some of California’s best prerolls! For those who are regulars or are new to prerolls and may have to consider taking a drug test, don’t worry we got you covered. Our fool-proof list on how to pass a drug test can help you when it’s time.

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