Quarantine Care Package  $150 $129

Our COVID Survival Kit contains everything you need to get through this pandemic with the exception of TP and food. One of our co-founders is a master extractor (and co-founder of Guild Extracts). Last week he produced 7,000 gallons of FDA-grade hand sanitizer made with 90% ethanol.

One of our budtenders is also a seamstress who put together custom-made cloth face masks that are not N95, but will help during shelter-in-place.

To get you through the bay area lockdown we’ve assembled like the Avengers to bring you the following:

Flowsent Hand Sanitizer

Our master extractor produced 7,000 gallons of FDA-grade hand sanitizer. We’re adding a 2 oz. tube to help keep you safe.


Sovereign Something Blue 3.5g

We’re including an exclusive new strain from 10-time High Times Cannabis Cup award winning cultivator, Sovereign. Last year they won Best Sativa for their Mother’s Milk at 31% THC. This year they’ve introduced us to a Wedding Cake x Blueberry Muffin hybrid called Something Blue, also coming in close to 30%.

This is a brand new strain people will be adding to their “best of 2020” lists. Get it now before the hype.

Guild Extracts 510 cartridge

Our full spectrum “Sauce” formulation is high in natural terpenes and made of 100% pure cannabis extract with no additives, cutting agents or non-cannabis derived terpenes. This highly aromatic, flavorful and potent formulation features our patented True-Strain Technology — an extraction method that preserves the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the original strain from which it’s derived, yielding a vaping experience that delivers the highest approximation to smoking pure cannabis flower.

Cannabis-infused Gummies

We’ve hand selected the highest quality cannabis-infused gummies from KIVA, Kanha and WYLD. Your Quarantine Care Package will contain one package of delicious gummies. When ordering please indicate whether you’d like sativa or indica.

Cloth Mask (not N95)

Our office manager hand sewed these cloth masks with donated fabric. These masks are not N95. They are simple cloth masks recommended by the CDC.

Fabric patterns vary based on availability.

Sovereign Sips

Our friends at Sovereign created “sips” for the shelter-in-place order. These little single serving prerolls are a cuvee of outdoor popcorn nugs often referred to as smalls (not shake). 

Guild Extracts THCa Powder .5g

Due to its high level of refinement, most of the terpenes are separated out to yield a product that has a mild aroma but powerful effect. When smoked, THCa decarboxylates into delta9-THC and creates a powerful “high”. But as a raw powder it can be ingested orally to experience its medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects.

Recommended Use: ingest orally (swallow with water), mix with raw cannabis, or dab

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