What is CBD?

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At the present time, it may seem like there’s a trend by the name of “CBD” everywhere. First it was oils and now you can find creams and beverages. All of a sudden everyone is getting on the CBD bandwagon. Now that hemp is fully legal in the U.S. you can expect the floodgates to open. Most weed delivery services already offer a range of CBD products. Next time you’re ordering something, why not give CBD a try?

What exactly is CBD?

The short answer is CBD (short for cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that is loaded with medical applications. According to Health Harvard Publishing, CBD is used to for those with anxiety insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation as well as those with childhood epilepsy. Additionally, while CBD is considered a supplement, instead of medication, the possibility of being able to find it and try it for yourself is there.

CBD Ratio

In light of this supplement, it’s important to ensure you read the THC:CBD ratio. The ratio informs you of how many milligrams of both THC and CBD are found in the product. Some products may have 3:1 at the same time others may have an equal amount of both; 1:1. Meaning the first product has 3x times as much CBD to one amount of THC. The ratio you find on the product will always read the quantity of each ingredient. Depending on how much pain, anxiety, restlessness your feeling, you want to make sure you read the label for the ratio.


Delivery That’s Not Just For Weed

CBD oil is widely popular for quick and easy use whether you apply it on your skin, under your tongue, or in your food or drink.It’s important to realize that you can also use CBD topically with creams and more. At Flowsent, our weed delivery service can not only bring you edibles and pre-rolls, but CBD products as well. We offer roll-ons, balms, bath salts, and more to try and ease your pain and stress. Our weed delivery service is offered to San Rafael, CA; Oakland, CA; and San Francisco, CA.

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