Why concentrates?

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If you landed on this page, chances are you may already know cannabis concentrates and the difference between dabs in a dab rig and dabs in a music video. For a growing number of cannabis enthusiasts, concentrated cannabis is opening up a whole new world of enjoyment.

Smoking flower remains the most popular way for cannabis patients to consume cannabis. However, seasoned dabbers have made the switch for higher levels of THC and CBD as well as better flavor. Concentrates are just that—concentrated cannabis. The flower from the plant goes through an extraction process where all the good stuff (terpenes, flavor, THC, etc…) gets amplified, or “concentrated” almost like orange juice concentrate in the frozen aisle.

Frozen OJ packages say made from concentrate on the outside and all you do is add water. Imagine if you didn’t add water to frozen OJ. It would be more ‘orange juicier’. Cannabis concentrates are pretty much the same. You get more of everything with every puff. More flavor and a higher high.

Consuming concentrates require a few different tools. Instead of lighters and rolling papers or pipes used for smoking flower, concentrates require a device where the bowl, not the product is heated up. The concentrate is placed in the heated bowl, as it melts you inhale its goodness. Different extraction processes offer different types of concentrates.


Wax is the golden opaque oil with the consistency of tapioca pudding. Whereas some concentrates are runny like olive oil, and others are hard and brittle, “wax” can be described as the softer solid.

Its texture and consistency can vary depending on heat or moisture. To enjoy wax, the patient uses a little tool resembling something from the dentist to scrape a rice sized glob of wax that is placed into a heated chamber, then inhaled.


If you’ve ever seen those Instagram photos of golden oil poured out on a cookie sheet, that’s shatter.

Walter White would probably make shatter if he was into cannabis. The final product looks like honey when it’s poured out to harden. Shatter’s flawless transparent appearance isn’t necessarily a sign of quality, but rather an absence of molecules. 


Sauce is a fun combination of crystalline (such as THCa) mixed with a full spectrum terpene  extract oil. It’ll get you to where you want to be, as long as the place you want to be is stoneytown.

Live Resin

Experienced dabbers would probably tell you live resin is the ‘best’ cannabis concentrate because of its flavor and smooth draw. When enjoying resin, it’s a good idea to dab it at a lower temperature to give you the tastiest expression of the terpenes.

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