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The world of edibles has greatly diversified itself in recent years. From brownies and gummy bears to chocolate, cookies, coffee, and more, there are more ways to medicate and enjoy your experience of cannabis and food at the same time.

At some point in time, you may have heard a story that went along the lines of … “I ate half the brownie and didn’t feel anything, so I ate the other half and felt everything at once…” That’s usually when the story goes off the rails and the person recognizes they don’t know about safe cannabis consumption.

Common side effects from consuming cannabis include physical relaxation, body heaviness, euphoria, laughter, dry mouth and possibly the munchies. Most people’s stories about their experience with edibles are a mix of these symptoms of euphoria and having the munchies.

Right now, talented food makers are hard at work in their kitchens whipping up delicious goodies for your enjoyment (or medical benefit). Redefining the cannabis consumption experience. When consuming edibles or cannabis in other forms, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Always Read the Label

With recreational legalization has come a stricter standard for product testing. In the past, you could buy an edible product labeled with the amount of THC it contained, but often times that number would be inaccurate.

States realize if legalization is going to work, people consuming edibles, especially those medicating for a condition must depend on a consistent dose every time.

That label on the package took quite a bit of effort to test accurately. Make sure to read it, not only for THC or CBD dose, but other beneficial cannabinoids. 

Start off Small

Microdosing is a popular trend, for a reason. For many beginners and seasoned stoners alike, a little bit can feel pretty groovy.

THC amplifies in potency when it goes through your liver, so that 5mg of THC on the label starts to creep up depending on how fast your metabolism is.

Starting small can be a good time, and it helps to get to know how your body will react to different kinds of edibles.

Wait to Feel The Effects

Cannabis can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to go through your system. We’ve heard too many stories of someone who ate an edible and then just didn’t wait long enough before consuming more.

Not all edibles get processed the same. A THC-infused beverage may go through your system twice as fast as a baked item like a brownie. 

Consuming CBD

For patients medicating with CBD by consumption there’s not much to be concerned about, aside from reading the label to make sure there’s no THC in the food.

Eating CBD-infused foods can be a great way to medicate. It may take an hour or two for the CBD to provide medical benefits, but it’ll maintain in your system for up to 10 hours.

The next time you decide to give edibles a try, why not pick from a variety of options like chocolate, cookies, coffee, gummies and more. Not only do we have a wonderful variety of edibles, but we also offer premium cannabis delivery. We offer our cannabis delivery services to Oakland, CA; San Rafael, CA; San Francisco, CA and nearby areas.


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