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In the world of cannabis, edibles have become a popular way to enjoy and indulge in the smaller form of marijuana. Equally you’ll find people sharing prerolls and joints along with edibles. Most users first experiences include over doing it and then wiping out half their food and groceries in one night. In like manner, everyone wants and needs a way to relax, escape and unwind. Our best advice to pursue edibles is to take precautions when finding the edible that’s right for you.

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Read the Label

Not all edibles are made the same. Despite what you may know, all edibles have different amounts of THC or CBD than others. Some edibles don’t take time to feel its effects, some do. In other words, our first piece of advice is to read the label. More states that have legalized recreational use, have put a large focus on properly labeling and identifying the dosage of THC and CBD in edibles. On cannabis delivery sites, moreover, every product should have a label that’s accessible to read. With this in mind, be sure to read the label to understand what it is you’ll be getting from your edibles.

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Start Small

Micro dosing is a popular trend, for a reason. For beginners and new users to seasoned stoners alike, a little bit can feel pretty groovy. Starting small can be a good time. This helps your body to get to know different kinds of edibles. THC amplifies in potency when it goes through your liver, so 5mg of THC can creep up on you depending on how fast your metabolism is. By all means, our second piece of advice would be to start small and work your way up in micro dosing. A small amount can go a long way.

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The CBD/THC Menu

CBD-infused foods are another popular method of medicating. After an hour or two of enjoying a delicious meal or snack, CBD can stay in your system for up to 10 hours. CBD oils and THC infused foods and snacks look like cookies, chocolate, gummies, chews, as well as baby back ribs or burgers. Thus, talented food makers and small craft cannabis companies are hard at work whipping up delicious goodies for your enjoyment and medical benefit. Redefining the marijuana consumption experience. Similarly, cannabis delivery services that dwell in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Rafael provide some of these coveted goodies.

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Ultimately, our third piece of advice would be to truly enjoy it. Enjoy the high. Take delight in the laughing and euphoria. Furthermore, revel in your body in a relaxed state. After the high is gone, we’re sure you’ll have a new story to share with your friends. The next time you decide to give edibles a try, why not choose from a variety of award winning edibles with us at Flowsent. Our premium cannabis delivery service extends to all of San Marin County, CA including, Oakland, CA; San Rafael, CA; San Francisco, CA and other areas in between.

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