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Start by entering your delivery address and/or to to the Menu in the top nav. Create a profile and start browsing for things you like. You'll get points for everything you purchase—points that can be used to get more great stuff.

Flowsent buys direct from the farms and concentrate extractors in volume. That gives us access to 'Costco pricing' on the premium products we have in inventory. We also own our licenses, delivery cars and our fulfillment center. Other delivery companies accept orders, then send those orders to a local dispensary who has the license and delivery vehicles. That adds an extra middle man, which makes products more expensive with inconsistent quality.

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In most cases, delivery will be made within 2 hours unless noted otherwise during the ordering process.

Payment for orders can be accepted at delivery with cash.

Anything that touches the plant has to go through a separate shopping cart with a different payment method, and more robust tracking for each product. The state requires we include all testing information with each product, and all of that information goes with each product. The apparel side of Flowsent is just apparel with fewer limitations.

Any products that come from the plant must be returned within 7 days of purchase. Once we receive the faulty product, we'll issue a store credit.

Through relationships built over the past decade, we have access to the best cannabis producers in California.

When looking for cannabis products for our menu, we intentionally look for cannabis products that come from plants with minimal or zero chemicals. We believe cannabis, like the food we eat should come from farmers who passionately grow their crops sustainably.

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