Can You Still Order During Social Distancing

Yes, you can still place an order during social distancing with our marijuana delivery service.  Are current hours of operations are from 10AM-8PM.

Return Policy

At Flowsent, All sales are final. If a product is found to be defective, you may return the item back to Flowsent for a refund, store credit or exchange. All returns and exchanges must be made within 14 days of purchase and include the original receipt. All returned products must include the original packaging.

Payment types accepted

To pay for your marijuana delivery, we accept cash only. 


After placing your marijuana delivery, our drivers will wait approximately 15 minutes at your address. If they are not able to get a hold of you for hand off, the driver will continue on their route to ensure all customers receive their orders in a timely manner. If we missed you and need to return with your delivery there will be a $10 redelivery fee added to your order.

Who Do I Talk To If I Want My Products Considered By Flowsent?

Flowsent exclusively accepts cannabis products from current state licensed distribution or cultivation companies with a valid seller’s permit and compliant certificates of analysis or test results (required). If you have more questions about having your product available through Flowsent’s marijuana delivery, give us a call!

Get California's Premium Cannabis Products Delivered

Here in California, we march to our own tune. We've got the best cannabis in the world and the best lifestyle along with it. Elevate that golden state of mind with premium cannabis delivered straight to you by Flowsent.

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