Happy Birthday Flowsent Weed Burger

Posted By • Rick Bakas
Thursday • 12 Mar 2020

A little over a year ago three friends got together and created their “dream” marijuana delivery service. Two of the friends are co-founders of Guild Extracts making them experts on where to find premium cannabis products. They weren’t satisfied with the offerings from local small craft companies. so, they decided to start their own.

On March 12, 2019 Flowsent opened its doors and began their offering of California’s finest cannabis products to the San Francisco bay area. While customers can order from a large company, no one is fighting for small craft producers.  Big corporate cannabis companies can raise millions for marketing and advertising, steamrolling competition. We choose to honor small craft companies that honor the plant. Create goodwill in the cannabis community. Plus, innovate new concepts such as marijuana delivery.

Weed Burger | Marijuana Delivery | Oakland, CA | San Rafael, CA | San Francisco, CA

Progress in Legalized Weed

Flowsent is constantly evolving its menu and offerings with the good shit from small craft cannabis producers. They are also looking to work with companies who are trying to make legalized recreational marijuana continue to make progress. We’re always scouring the state looking high, low and super high for the next best thing in the industry. The best flower, the cleanest and safest extractions, and the most effective CBD health products out there.

Our customers have taken notice, and they’ve made us the #1 rated marijuana delivery service in San Marin county, CA including, San Rafael, CA and Oakland, CA. To celebrate our first anniversary, we offered 30% off all Guild Extracts products in our menu. Our team also took some time to cook up a new recipe. We could’ve gone with a birthday cake made with weed butter, but that would’ve been predictable. So, we’re celebrating with a weed burger recipe that’ll take you to nirvana.

Guild Extracts | Flowsent | Birthday Weed Burger | Marijuana Delivery | San Francisco, CA | San Rafael, CA | Oakland, CA


  • 2 organic beef patties blended with cannabis-infused beef fat
  • cold smoked tomatoes
  • Worcestershire dusted potato chips
  • Roasted ramp & leek aioli
  • Fresh baked brioche buns (toasted)
  • 2 slices American cheese

Our secret ingredient for our weed burger, believe it or not is weed. To make the cannabis infused beef fat, it’s just like making weed butter. THC adheres to fat nicely, so once you activate your cannabis, you’ll have no problem infusing the fat. We’ve found cooking off the fat from a pound of ground 85/15 beef from the store is a good place to start. Heat in a skillet, once the fat separates pour it into a glass container and use the cooked meat for something else, like chili or pasta sauce.

To make your burger stand out, we chose cheese, tomatoes, and potato chips to stack on your burger. Top it off with some aioli and the bun to take that glorious first bite. Our team at Flowsent have experimented in the kitchen and came up with recipes for cannabis infused coconut oil and smoked cannabis BBQ ribs. In order to make some heavenly magic in your kitchen, you’re gonna need some weed to make this same magic.

Marijuana Ready to Be Delivered

At Flowsent we still strive to have a menu that offers some of the best product in California. Our marijuana delivery extends to all of San Marin County, CA including San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; San Rafael, CA and other areas. To stay up to date on industry news and weed education, be sure to check out our blog.

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