Methods of smoking flower

Cannabis flower aka “buds” or “nugs” are what most people think of when they think of marijuana. It’s more than just indica vs sativa. In the old days, you’d buy a sandwich baggie full of flower. It’s the most natural expression of the plant complete with all the terpenes.

Smoking flower remains the most popular way for cannabis patients to consume cannabis. Here are the main methods for smoking flower.


They’re easy to carry around, and they’re easy to use. Additionally, pipes are discreet and easy to carry around. Pipes might be the easiest way to enjoy cannabis flower. All you need is a pipe and a lighter. They don’t use any power or water. The most common materials used to make pipes are glass, wood, metal or sometimes even carved out of food. Simply break the flower (buds) up into small crumbles, or use a grinder. Then put it in your pipe and smoke it. 


A chillum is a more streamlined pipe. They’re the smallest and most discreet type of pipe for carrying in a pocket or purse. The flower goes in one end, and the patient smokes out of the other—sometimes cupping their hands together around the end of the chillum to prevent their lips from making contact. 


Also known as water pipes, bongs are another common method of smoking cannabis flower. Bongs are a filtration system that puts water between your bud and your lungs. The water chamber helps filter out the harshness of the smoke and adds a cooling effect. The smoker enjoys a nice smooth inhale. Sometimes people have been known to add liquid other than water. For example, cold Kiwi Strawberry Snapple adds a nice fruity flavor to the draw. Just sayin’! 


Rolling a “J” is one of the most common methods used for smoking cannabis flower. The only things required for rolling a joint (or blunt) is cannabis flower and rolling papers. Oh, and a lighter! Some joint rollers like to add a little piece of rolled card stock at the end for a little mouthpiece.

That way you don’t burn your lips when the joint is almost gone. Blunts are joints rolled in cigar wrappers. A blunt is often bigger and can be more flavorful, but the downside is you’re inhaling tobacco. 

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