How to treat your menstrual cycle with Maya Elisabeth of Whoopi & Maya

Posted By • Rick Bakas
Thursday • 14 Mar 2019

Maya Elisabeth is a bit of an expert on the subject of medicating with cannabis. She’s been involved with every step of the process from growing it to processing it and creating holistic products. You may recognize Maya as one half of Whoopi & Maya cannabis products. When the legendary Whoopi Goldberg decided to follow her heart and take a leap into the medical cannabis market, she went looking for the best ingredients, the best medicine and the most talented infuser she could find.

Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles since 2008, has won seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and enjoys a growing reputation as one of the best creators of medical cannabis products in California. The two women hit it off from the moment they met and quickly decided that the Whoopi & Maya Synergy would begin with a Signature Line of medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort with whole plant medicine. It’s not just about CBD with Maya. As you will see, they have succeeded spectacularly.



Why is Maya’s work important? Anyone who goes to stores like Whole Foods in search of sustainably produced, holistic ingredients is someone who probably cares what they put in their body. Maya’s products could likely show up on Whole Foods’ shelves. Every ingredient is thoughtfully added to provide the most effective medicine. And every ingredient is as natural as possible.

Whoopi & Maya products

Flowsent is proud to carry any and all products crafted by Maya and her team (collective) of cultivators and extractors. We’ll continue to educate patients on the benefits of each cannabis-infused product and are available to answer questions.


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