MLB removes cannabis from ‘Drug Abuse’ list, but adds opioids and cocaine

Posted By • Rick Bakas
Thursday • 12 Dec 2019

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As mentioned in Reuters, The Major Baseball League has removed Marijuana from its list of banned substances. The commissioner Rob Manfred discussed how due to the death of MLB star, Tyler Skaggs, that he growing and current concern of opioids is the biggest issue. If the MLB is removing marijuana from its banned substances list, it brings about a new conversation of other national or large organizations that may consider lifting the ban on cannabis.

More State Legal Marijuana

In the United States, over 15 states have legalized cannabis along with the other 20 and more states that have slowly been allowing the substance medically or by CBD oil only. In modern times, more and more positive conversations around weed are helping the industry as a whole. From cannabis delivery services to the selling of CBD oil, people are finally realizing how harmless cannabis can be, but how beneficial it can be.

More and more health studies have shown how marijuana is more effective in treating patients who have cancer, illnesses and chronic pain such as William Frost, diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014. In the state of Illinois, the governor cleared 800,000 convictions of marijuana possession upon legalizing it in the state. In the state of Nevada, the taxes and licensing fees from marijuana sales have gone directly to the help and support of the homeless. As for the industry as a whole, things are looking up.

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