Pigs Fed With Cannabis on the Menu in Portland

Posted By • Rick Bakas
Monday • 19 Aug 2019

Chef Vitaly Paley, owner of Paley’s Place in Portland, Oregon teamed up with David Hoyle of Moto Perpetuo Farm in Forest Grove to offer a dinner affectionately referred to as High on the Hog. The two wanted to tell a unique story, and the story is farm-to-table cannabis-fed roasted pigs with summer vegetables.

The pigs are raised on a farm outside Portland where cannabis flower products are also being cultivated. According to Hoyle, “it’s an age old practice to feed hogs the bi-product of nearby agricultural production.” The pigs were already eating healthy portions of fruits and vegetables from the farm.

pigs fed marijuana

Photo by Pierre on Unsplash

Some customers question whether or not the pigs get high after eating cannabis. Because pigs have a similar endocannabinoid system as humans, they don’t get high unless the cannabis is heated (decarboxylated) over 220°. In our Guide to CBD we show that temperature THCa changes from non-psychoactive into THC, which is psychoactive and can get the pigs high.

Hoyle did, however, notice the pigs that were fed cannabis gained weight faster, were more healthy and were generally more laid back. “We feel cannabis is a healthy part of their diet the same way kale or spinach would be (for people”. Chef Paley applauded Hoyle stating pigs raised on a cannabis farm, “shows ingenuity, experience and know-how to understand the farm’s sustainable circle of life.”

Oregon currently has a supply problem with cannabis, specifically that there’s too much of it being cultivated. At the end of 2018 there was one pound of quality flower for every four people in the state. Paley saw it as an opportunity. Since opening Paley’s in 1995, Chef Paley has been building relationships with local purveyors of produce and protein. He said, “the farm-to-table movement may be a new trend to some, while to us, it’s been a way of life and part of doing business since the start.”

Drinks infused with CBD were also featured at the dinner.

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