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Whether you call ’em spliffs, J’s, fatties, joints, blunts or some other term, we call them prerolls. Prerolls are  popular and convenient way to consume cannabis for multiple reasons. But what makes the best prerolls the best?

Prerolls can be sold in packs of individual joints or individually at a dispensary. Whether you’re on the run or out with some friends, prerolls  are easy to travel with.  No one is going to judge you, bro.

Not only are prerolls easy and portable, they also give you the chance to try a wide range of strains. From sativas, indicas, hybrids and more, the options are endless when it comes to trying different strains. Luckily, at Flowsent, they offer a variety of strains in their premium marijuana delivery.

Another benefit of buying prerolls is how nice and tidy they are. Once you’re done, you’re done, there’s no pipe to clean, no grinding buds up or trying to find out who stole your lighter. You can safely dispose of the ends and carry on with your day or evening.

Flowsent not only likes to keep the public informed of the basics of marijuana, but they like to keep your supply of marijuana stacked with its premium marijuana delivery services. Flowsent offers prerolls, edibles, beverages and more products. We offer our services to Oakland, CA; San Rafael, CA; San Francisco, CA and nearby areas.

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