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Vape pens have become the go-to gadget for today’s cannabis lover. But what is a vape pen and how does it work? In layman’s terms, vaping cannabis means you inhale vapor, not smoke like when consuming cannabis flower.

There’s usually two parts to vaping: a battery and a cartridge. The battery is small and portable. Cartridges are filled with cannabis oil containing either THC and/or CBD. Vape pens are great for their ease of use, and for beginners they allow for a milder, easy-to-control experience.

At Flowsent, we’re always looking for high quality vape cartridges made from high quality sustainably grown cannabis plants. We visit the extraction labs and see the process in which the vape cartridges are made to make sure we’re offering you products made through clean extraction processes.

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Here in California, we march to our own tune. We've got the best cannabis in the world and the best lifestyle along with it. Elevate that golden state of mind with premium cannabis delivered straight to you by Flowsent.

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