Now delivering your dream 420 subscription box to Marin County, Novato, Petaluma, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland and the surrounding east bay.

Imagine if you could have the best cannabis for 420 from the best growers in one box. Now you can have it all in one place with our hand-picked Flowsentials collection. Through our extensive relationships in California, we have partnered with award-winning cannabis cultivators who are obsessed with pristine genetics and growing the best weed.

This 420 holiday Flowsent is proud to offer the Flowsentials box full of top shelf bud, including new never-seen-before strains from legendary growers like Fig Farms (winner of Best Indica Strain at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup), Sovereign (also a big winner at the Cannabis Cup, UpNorth Humboldt, Seven Leaves, Butter Brand and Ember Valley.

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$420 Box

– 4 x 1/8ths from one of the following award-winning growers:

Clout King Clout Chaser, Butter Brand, Fig Farms, Seven Leaves, UpNorth, Ember Valley or Sovereign

– 1 Fruit Slab

– 1 Bhang Chocolate bar

– 1 Guild Extracts .5g Batter

– 1 Guild Extracts .5g Sauce

-1 Guild Extracts Vape Cartridge

– 2 x Guild Extracts THCa Powder

– Flowsent etched CCELL battery

– $25 gift card in our apparel shop

$169 Box

– 4 x Elyon Cannabis 1/8ths

– 1 x Top Shelf 1/8th (from Fig Farm, Sovereign, Ember Valley, Butter, Seven Leaves, UpNorth or Clout Chaser)

– 1 Pre Roll

– Flowsent Lighter


Pre-order your box for delivery April 10-19. Call 510-545-4633 or contact us directly by using this form.


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